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Claim Your Voice!

The spoken word has power. When we claim our voice, we stand behind the words we speak and thus stand in our truth! This authentic action, takes courage and is well worth the risk because it harnesses our creative energy allowing our words to be made manifest and breeds confidence as well as self-esteem. Reduce stress by simply being yourself in every situation. Come home to your body by recognizing and honoring your voice today.

Assert your boundaries! Tell others how to treat and support you. Communicate your needs and identify your desires open and honestly. Say no, when others ideas or desires don’t resonate with you. Never be afraid to voice your opinions, thoughts, or beliefs. Using your voice in these ways ensure that you will remain in alignment; body, mind, and Spirit forever.

In what ways have you perhaps not utilized your authentic voice to the fullest? When we don’t, we suffer the consequences in a myriad of ways that effect the body negatively. For example, have you ever eaten a meal when you were upset? I know I have, and the result was a painful case of heartburn afterwards. Instead, release these negative emotions before eating and then you’ll be able to enjoy your food as well as avoid indigestion.

Here are some simple ways you can claim your voice today!

1) Say yes, only when you really mean yes! Don’t allow yourself to be “talked into” things and only do what feels right for you.

2) Set clear boundaries with loved ones, friends, dates, co-workers, the boss, and anyone else you come into contact with. This will eliminate resentment, hurt feelings, frustration, and guilt from your life; making life simpler and drama free.

3) Don’t react! Instead; Stop, Breathe, and then Respond. Follow this formula when faced with unexpected situations or challenges to avoid saying things you’ll most likely regret later.

4) Speak affirmatively about yourself and others. Focusing on the positive versus complaining, is an energy booster that automatically aligns you with your highest and best good.

5) Make your needs and requests known! None of us are mind readers, but we tend to forget this and make assumptions that our friends and family “know” what we need by osmosis. Unless we use our voice to communicate our needs and wants, we will continually be disappointed.

Remember that if for any reason you are in a relationship that doesn’t allow for your voice to be heard, then perhaps its time to leave. Real friends and lovers don’t try and squelch your authentic voice in lieu of their own insecurities; they relish in it as your ideas and opinions make you, you! Never allow another to silence your voice as this is abusive and can lead to physical acts of violence.

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